01 January 2013 @ 06:58 pm
➥ Live Action Television

❤ Hawaii Five-0
❤ Suits
★ Castle
★ Chicago Fire
★ Guys With Kids
★ How I Met Your Mother
★ The Mentalist
★ Once Upon A Time
★ Rizzoli & Isles
★ Stargate SG-1
★ White Collar
★ Whitney
▲The Glades
▲Three Rivers

Will be starting:
☐ Spartacus
☐ Person of Interest
☐ Revolution
☐ Unforgettable
☐ Stargate Atlantas
☐ Farscape
☐ Battlestar Galactica

➥ Games

❤ Pokemon Series
❤ Metroid Series
❤ The Legend of Zelda Series
★ Fire Emblem 8/9/10

Will play:
☐ Fire Emblem Awakening
☐ The World Ends With You

➥ Animanga

❤ Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai (S2, S3, Manga)
❤ Pokemon Special

Plan to watch:
☐ Dangan Ronpa (Read, Anime)
☐ Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner 2

➥ Books

Plan to read:
☐ Tess Gerristen's "Rizzoli & Isles" series
Feel free to recommend some books to me! I love mysteries, as my TV show list shows! Currently have very little planned.

❤ Main Fandom for category (TV Shows are my life though)
★ I love this series
▲I follow it
☐ Need to watch/read this
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28 December 2012 @ 08:37 pm
Total number of words I wrote in 2012: 45,358
My #1 fandom by word count is: Hawaii Five-0
My #2 fandom by word count is: Nothing, Only written for Five-0
My #3 fandom by word count is: Nothing, Only written for Five-0
Next year, I'm thinking about dipping my toes into this fandom. Maybe. Probably.: Chicago Fire, Three Rivers, Moonlight (crossover with Five-0, MAYBE)

The story that I wrote which got the most reviews/comments is: The Loss of Love
The story that was the most fun to write: That Damn Shirt, The Mystery That Transcends Time (Series)
The story that was the hardest to write: Guardian Angels
The story that I would rewrite if I could: Don't Leave Me
The story that I would unwrite if I could: Adding Distance (I DON'T LIKE THIS just feels all kinds of wrong idk It was my first ever fanfic so I attribute it to lack of experience)
The story that I didn't write which I enjoyed reading the most: WOW okay idk I'm going to have to say Months and miles from dreams OR Sympathy for the Werewolf OKAY I HAVE A LOT OF FAVORITES??? so this doesn't even come CLOSE to scratching the surface. I'd probably be here listing about 300 other fics

Something I tried writing that was brand new to me: EVERYTHING??? I never wrote fic before this year

Other information about my writing I'd like to share: I'm new to writing. Just started in August. Any review/constructive criticism is GREATLY appreciated.

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